San Diego Dog Training

Looking for the best dog training and pet behavior services in San Diego? Congratulations! You have found us! The Educated Pet® has been voted the best in San Diego by San Diego magazine. Our clients have been saying it for years! We also have an A rating on Angie's list.


Have you ever had a bad day with your dog? Ever been at the end of your leash? Ever wish that you could do more than just coexist with your pet, do things right, or want to be sure that problems with your canine companion could be avoided? 

Every worthwhile relationship with a pet has challanges but be assured that with The Educated Pet®, you will be doing your very best to make your dog or cat a happy and well balanced member of your family.


Whether you are looking for a group class, private training, or behavior consult, we can provide you with outstanding services for you and your pet. We have been providing solutions to problems and helping caring owners guide their furry friends for over 20 years! We work with you and your dog/cat to help them become the very best that they can be.



The Educated Pet® is owned and operated by Carol Harris with over thirty years of experience in pet training and behavior modification. Carol was one of the first local trainers to earn the Council for Pet Dog Trainer Certification, she is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and has been recognized as the Best Dog Trainer by San Diego Magazine. Carol is often called upon to share her dog and cat training insights such as recently on KPBS with veterinarian Dr. Katy Allen on the Benefits of Adopting An Older Pet



We offer a number of training programs which coordinate with your schedule and your dogs age. Our program of early socialization and obedience training starts with Puppy Kindergarten. We provide a fun and structured environment in which puppies learn life-long ways of relating to their world. Our Basic Obedience course covers basic commands that aid owners and pets in developing better communication skills and stronger bonds. Advanced classes build on those skills and introduces off-leash control. We offer help with problem prevention and problem solving in all of our Classes. And your pet will be safe with us. Carol is also CPR and 1st Aid certified with

If participating in a group class does not meet your needs or fit your schedule, we also offer private or in-home lessons. These one-on-one sessions are a valuable method for creating the responsive dog you love to be with. Carol also offers Behavior Consultations for problems such as Aggression, Anxiety Disorder, and Destruction, as well as many other behavior issues. These individual consultations provide personalized assistance and guidance with many canine and feline behavior problems.

We offer many additional services including puppy evaluations, recomendations for suitable breeds for your family situation, school demonstrations, lectures to groups, and in-service meetings for veterinary staff. Just Contact Us for more information.

The Educated Pet® Training Center is located at 8141 Engineer Road, San Diego, CA 92111. We can be contacted by phone at 619-466-5098 or by email.  Centrally located in the heart of San Diego, we can be conveniently reached from Hwy 163 or Hwy 805.